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How To Prepare For Events Photography Session

Who doesn’t like events and celebrations? There is nothing more enjoyable and memorable than participating into family or friend’s events. Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Sweet Sixteen’s, Reunions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. There are so many wonderful occasions for the entire family and friends to gather together and celebrate. And what a better way to capture these precious moments in life which will never be repeated than to have a professional photographer capture them for you.

Having a professional event photographer who is experienced into anticipating the moments worth capturing and has the undivided attention during the entire event is a guarantee that no moment would be miss. Sure, you can ask your friend who might have a fancy camera or your relatives to snap pictures with their smartphones during the event, but most likely they will not be able to capture everything. Plus, the image resolution of smartphone pictures is that not that great if you are looking for quality photo prints and photo album from your event. Hiring an event photographer who not only has the experience to capture but also has the knowledge to process and enhance the images from your event is paramount.

I am an experienced event photographer working with clients since 2010. I have photographed many events over the years and have first hand experience on what type of questions and information my clients needed before booking me for their events. To help my future clients and anyone who is planning to hire an event photographer, I have created the following how-to guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much in advance I should book your services for my event?

The best time is immediately after you confirm the booking of your venue for the event. I book my clients on first come, first serve and the first client how provides a service retainer (50% of the total service fee) gets the date and time slot. Keep in mind that in events busy season (graduations in late summer, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, summer birthdays in the park), my schedule feels quickly and ahead of time. If it is a birthday or an event for which the date will not change, you can also book the date and finalize the duration and venue location with me later.

Q: Do you photograph events in private residences or only in restaurants and public parks?

I do photograph events in both private residences and corporate location as well in public places as restaurants, event and community centers, public parks and urban locations. Private and corporate locations offer more flexibility in regards to setting up dedicated area for group pictures as well using additional lights.

Most public locations as restaurants and community centers have rules and regulations. Please, check with your venue if they allow additional lighting or access to power outlets when requesting to setup photobooth or advanced lighting for your event. I strictly follow the house rules and must comply with any rules and regulations the venue has in place.

Q: What type of events you have photographed in the past?

I have photographed the following events in the past: Birthdays, Sweet Sixteen, High School and College Graduations, Reunions, Wedding Anniversaries, Retirements, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, Halloween Parties, Christmas Parties, Valentine’s Day Parties, New Year Celebrations.

Each event has it’s specific and important meanings and details which I am well aware of and know how to capture. I know what to anticipate during each event and what has a significance and importance for the hosts but feel free to discuss this during the complimentary consultation. If you would like a specific attention to any particular moment or people on your event, let me know. I will make sure these are captured in the best possible way.

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Q: Can we see some samples of event images you have created?

Absolutely. I do have a wide variety selection of images from my past events and these are available in my Online Events Portfolio. Feel free to browse and review the images. I have included both posed and candid images as well still and action images so you can have a full view of the type of the images I can capture for your event.

Some clients prefer candid images which capture unposed and spontaneous moments during their events while other prefer well posed and orchestrated images while some clients prefer a mix of both. No client needs and taste are the same so make sure you mention your preference and if you would like a mix of both event photography styles (candid and posed) let me know the preferred ratio between them.

Q: Where we can review a feedback from your past clients before we book you?

My business is listed on many popular online sites and you can read the feedback my clients has left for the service and images I have provided in the past. Visit one of the online sites to read some of the feedback:

Yelp Business Site for Trifon Anguelov Photography

Yellow Pages Business Site for Trifon Anguelov Photography

Google+ Business Site for Trifon Anguelov Photography

Q: My venue is dark? Can you bring additional lights to ensure proper exposure for the photos?

You bet I can. I do have professional grade lighting equipment and usually bring it on the event location to ensure there is sufficient amount of light to properly lid the venue. For clients who are looking for brighter images this is a must and I will contact the venue coordinator prior to the event to discuss how I can setup my lights without disrupting or obstructing anyone. I also use on-camera and off-camera professional flashes which are battery powered and provide the required illumination of the event and people.

Q: How much time I should book for my event?

Booking adequate time to capture all the important events during the event is something you need to think about. Most events have a schedule which is easy to follow in contrast to weddings where multiple locations and much more people are involved. I recommend to book a start time for the event photography at least 30 minutes before your first guests arrive. This allows to photograph the event decorations which many hosts have invested blood sweat and tears into making it perfect.

Capturing these before your guests arrive and fill your venue if a good idea. This also gives me an opportunity to get creative with the images of candy jams, balloons, table and room decoration. If you also plan to have any special ceremony or ritual after a meal, keep in mind that if your guests take longer to finish their meal, you would need a buffer time to capture all the action according to your plan. Although your event is planned and in most cases choreographed when many guests are involved, it usually takes longer than planned. So plan some extra time (30 minutes) before and after the planned major events and book adequate start and end time for your event photography service provider.

Q: Do you capture candid images or you will try to pose everyone ?

Events are by their nature a spontaneous and non choreographed. Your guests who will join your celebration, would like to have fun catching up with you and your friends, tasting some food and enjoying the entertainment you have planned for them. Taking candid photographs during the event is the best way not to interrupt the event flow and also not to make your guests feel obligated to pose and wait until groups are arranged for a picture. I will be around your guests and take their images while they interact with each other, having fun and sharing quality moments.

I usually take pictures of your family first, your guests, all activities and children play that will happen on your event. If you wish to have posed picture of your family, booking 30 minutes before your guests arrive would allows to to pose and take these images uninterrupted. During the event, I can also located a designated area where we can have you and your guests pose in a group picture so you have their and your pictures after the event. If you wish to have posed event photographs in addition to candid ones, please make sure to mention it during our pre-event consultation.

Bharatanatyam Dance Performance in DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA 95014Bharatanatyam Dance Performance in DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA 95014Bharatanatyam Dance Performance in DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA 95014

Q: Can you capture my guests in addition to my family during the event?

Of course. Your guests will be featured in the final set of event images you will receive. Your child or your interactions with the guests are very important and fun to capture. I always try to provide you with ample set of guests images in addition to the images of your family. You can share the images with your guests later from the online event gallery or use the digital images you will receive on DVD to print thank you card for your guests.

Q: Can you capture my child true personality during the event?

You bet I can. Your child is special and unique. I will be focused on him as my first priority and will capture both candid and poses images during the event. Having said that it is important that you help me do that. For example if your child has tousled hair, let it be that way rather than trying to fix it into a perfect coif. Let these curls go wild!

To help your child be relax and look at its best during on the event photos, it is a good idea not to force him to smile or ask him to pose all the time. The innocent children faces are reflection of their age and personality and there is nothing more genuine than that. Let’s embrace it and capture it for days to come. Simply let your child be “imperfect” and I can guarantee you how more genuine and natural he or she would look on their pictures.

Q: Do you enhance the events images or I will receive the straight out of the camera images?

Providing images straight out of the camera is also referred as “shoot and burn” photography. I do not provide straight out of the camera images for the simple reason that I believe into providing the best possible experience to my clients. All the images I provide and digitally enhanced so they have the best look and feel possible.

These enhancements include: cropping out any distracting elements from your images, aligning and straightening any horizontal or vertical surfaces, adjusting for proper brightness and color representation, adjusting for proper skin colors and giving your images a pop. Additional effects as toning, black & white conversion and vignetting for adding mood and special feel is also available (at additional charge).

Q: Can I order prints from the digital images after the event?

Absolutely. You can order prints from your event right from the online gallery I will share with you. All prints are printed on high-quality photo archival paper and professional photo inks and mailed to any valid US address. You have a wide selection of print formats (from 2x3” to 12x16”), different paper finishes (matte, gloss, metallic) with framing or no-framing. Additional items as coffee mugs, calendars, mouse pads, fridge magnets and photo albums are also available.

Q: Can I share the event photos with my guests?

Yes you can do that easily. Included into your package is a complimentary online gallery with all the event photos for up to 6 months. The images will be uploaded into a private, password secured gallery to which you will have access. You can share the URL and password with your guests so they can see theirs and all event images without the need for you to email their pictures by email. You can also access this gallery from any mobile device and view them on any tablet or mobile phone on the go.

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Q: Can you stay after the contracted time if our event extends?

Sure. I understand the events in many cases do extend beyond the planned hours and sometimes there is so much fun and excitement to be captured that you might consider to extend the photography coverage for your event.

I would be glad to cover your event beyond the duration you have contracted me for, if I do not have any arrangements already scheduled. Please, let me know at least 30 minutes before the end of your event so I can let you know if that’s possible. Any additional time will be billed at the hourly rate for the event and the payment for the overtime is due after the event.

Q: How many final images I can expect to see from my event?

I do try to capture all the important moments as well any posed and specific shots you ask me to photograph prior or during the event. Depending on the event pace and the situations, I might take between 50-60 images per hour. For some events may be more. As all images are reviewed and only the best one are picked for the final selection, you can expect to receive between 40-50 images per hour of service.

What information you need from me in order to prepare for the event?

There are few things that I need your help with in order to prepare for photographing your event:

  • Event Location: Exact address of the venue and point of contact (name and phone) for your venue coordinator
  • Event Schedule: List of important activities or moments during your event as start, cake cutting time, speeches, dances, rituals, etc
  • Additional Vendors: What additional vendor you will also have on the event as: clowns, face painters, caricaturist, balloon twisters, magicians, chocolate fountain, etc
  • Corporate Guests: For corporate events, information about speakers, dignitaries or celebrities you want me to capture in the event images

Do you offer photo booth service where you take group or couples pictures and print them on side for guests to take home?

Absolutely. I do offer such service in addition to the event photography which I will be doing. A separate area in your venue is required in order to setup a background, table with props and image printer, where your guests can go to take their photo booth images. You can have automated or personalized photobooth.

For the later, I take the images of your guests while a second person enhances the images and prints them for you. The printing takes between 2-3 minutes per print and is a great way to have your guests take home their memories from your event.

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