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Why Choose Trifon Anguelov Photography

Selecting a wedding, event or portrait photographer could be a daunting task. There is no shortage of photographers in San Francisco Bay Area. Some established and some upcoming.

No wonder with so many photographers to pick from, it might be overwhelming to make a choice. A wrong decision can not only give you a bad experience but also deprive you from the memories you deserve and hoped to be captured. And some, as weddings, cannot be simply repeated and relived.

So, How do you choose a photographer? How do you know who to trust and who to avoid? How can you make the right decision and not have any regrets from hiring the wrong professional?

Unfortunately, when presented with many choices, the statistics show that most people tend to pick the easiest to make choice but not always the right one. As prices are easy to compare, the natural choice is to select the photographer which usually costs the least. That would have been a good approach if all photographers are created equal and would deliver the same results, therefore the one which cost less would be a better choice.

But as we all know, that it not true. If it was true, we all would drive Kia cars and shop at Walmart. There is a different level of service, quality and satisfaction between Walmart and Macy’s (for example).

I understand everyone’s needs and budgets are different and the value of memories captured on photographs have different meaning for everyone. I also realize that for most people, photography is a discretionary item and reserved for the most important moments: first birthday, engagement, wedding, graduation, retirement.

Therefore is important that one chooses wisely how to invest their budgets into photography services and trusting a vendor who can provide nothing else but an exceptional portrait experience. For more information on How To Avoid Wedding Photography Scams.

To help you better evaluate my services and value, I have created a list of the top 12 reasons why my clients choose to trust me with their photography needs:

To read more about each one of the twelve reasons and why they matter, check the detailed information below.

1. Satisfaction Guaranteed

My goal is you being completely satisfied with the experience and images you receive. I will listen to your needs and use my creative talent to suggest a way to make them reality without forcing my view on how things should be done. I believe that when a client is thrilled with the results and receives complete satisfaction, he or she are more likely to recommend my services. And for me there is nothing better than client’s referral to their friends and families. It’s the best way to grow my business.

I strive to capture true moments and genuine emotions. The true “you” and your family in natural poses and genuine interactions. Unless required, I do as little posing as possible. And for sessions which require both candid and posed, I know how to pose you so that you look at your best.

But don’t take it from me. Please read how other clients rate my service and their experience on:

These are real clients, leaving their sincere feedback. These reviews are from real people who were completely satisfied and volunteered to share their experience with you. This is not a text I have added to my website as many other photographers do in their Testimonies pages from someone who you don’t even know if it exists. And unlike the Testimonies on other photographer’s pages, you will read if there is anything negative my clients have to say. Try reading a negative review on other photographer’s Testimony pages.

2. Experience and Creative Talent

I have a prior experience with different photography areas which help me to capture the moments and deliver outstanding images to my clients. Here is how the different types of photography I have experience with, would benefit you:

  • wildlife: anticipating the moments and knowing which moment to capture to wow you when you see your images
  • landscape: get the big picture and incorporate you into the scene to give you the dramatic nature look with you masterfully blending in it
  • macro: capture the details and enhance the story by adding: ring, shoes, dress, flowers, etc
  • architecture: keep eye on the composition and lines and alignments
  • street: understand the human behavior and capture the moments between the moments
  • (bride crying before she hears her husband vows)

3. Dependability You Can Count On

When I book you an appointment that means I am 100% committed to your event, date and start / end times. I will never double book your date no matter if someone else is offering to pay higher price for the same service date. In an event, I am not able to photograph your wedding due to severe illness or critical emergency, I will work to find a replacement photographer for your date.

I strive for quality over quantity and each client for me is important. When I book you an appointment, you are guaranteed to have a photographer.

Engagement Session in from of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA

4. Impeccable Communication

For me the key to a successful photography session is the preparation and client communication. When we both understand what to expect during and after the session, I believe the sessions are less stressful and more enjoyable.

Before, during and after an event or portrait session, I will keep you updated on all you need to know. This includes online appointment booking confirmation, email, text and phone communications. You will know the image delivery date and time line to receive your photos. I will work with you to educate you about the wedding photography, help you make a decisions about the wedding day schedule in regards to the wedding photography and help any wedding photography related question you might have.

You know what to expect without having to inquire for the next steps, dates and guess or beg for your images.

5. Relaxed and Personalized Approach

Let’s face it: Letting a photographer you just met into your life and allowing him to capture candid and intimate moments of you and your loved one, is not easy. Many clients are camera shy when camera is being pointed at them and don’t feel comfortable to pose for a picture.

Here is where my experience working with many clients over the years and knowing how to “break the ice” comes handy. I will make you feel welcomed, unique and induce the “inner you” to come out and shine. I will direct you on how to pose so your portraits look artistic, natural and flawless. You can benefit from my personalized approach to every person’s age, gender, personality and mood.

6. Multi Cultural Experience

I have photographed many cultural backgrounds and religions:

  • Hindu
  • Muslim
  • Catholic
  • Christian Orthodox
  • Jewish
  • Non-Denominational

as well brides and grooms from many geographic locations:

  • USA
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Russia
  • Iran
  • Tonga
  • Australia
  • Greece

I do understand the specific traditions and rituals involved into each ceremony. I am also very open to learn more about each culture and ethnic group and enjoy meeting new people. For me photography is a “passport” to travel in Bay Area and around the World while meeting new people every day.

7. Available When You Are

I understand my clients are working professionals with busy schedules, therefore I am open on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I believe that you should not take time off during the week to get your family portraits taken. Neither children should skip school to be in your family pictures.

My Online Appointment Booking system is easy to use and will show you which dates have been already booked and which one are available. No need to call or email so simply get the day and time availability. I believe simpler is better.

8. No Hidden Charges

No one likes to pore over complicated pricing lists or be surprised by hidden charges. Neither I.

All my service fees are communicated upfront and included into my wedding photography contract. The list of services and pricing is available on my website: Trifon Anguelov Photography Services and Pricing, so from the very first time you discover my services, you know exactly how much they cost and what is included. No need to guess, email for pricing information or call me to get a simple answer to: How much would your creative talent and services cost me?

During my complimentary pre-wedding and event consultation, I will go over the service fees and answer any related questions you might have. The final price you will pay and the services (time, images, prints) you will receive are clearly stated in your contract or appointment confirmation email. Simple as that.

Family Session at Cuesta Park in Mountain View, CA

9. You Decide Which Image You Like

Many photographers will give you only a selection of 10-20 images after an hour of portrait session. They use their judgement to decide for you which images you should like and which not by discarding the rest.

Well, I believe that you as a client have the right and know best which images you love and would like to be your final session picks. I will present you with online access to proof images from the session and I will let you make the final selection of the picks. Cannot get easier I think.

10. Free Online Image Gallery

I believe your want me to capture your life’s moments and memories so you can share them with friends and relatives at any time and from everywhere. Images cannot be easily explained so sharing and seeing them is worth thousand words.

Sending you DVD disk with large high-resolution images which you need to download to your computer, attach to emails and email is simply asking you to spend extra time and effort on something you already paid for. Who has time for this? Your DVD disk with images is for your archives and for prints if you chose printing the images yourself.

With any service I offer, you will receive a complimentary (FREE) online gallery containing all of your images. The gallery is hosted on my website and is password protected to keep your images private. You can share with friends and access any of the gallery images online from any device: desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. All you need is a web browser and Internet connection.

11. Self Service Prints and Merchandize Ordering

Many of my clients order prints from their sessions. I don’t simply dump all of your images on DVD disk and let you have a painful and disappointing experiencing visiting Walmart or another low-cost, low-quality printing service (unless the service level they offer is what you need).

From your online private gallery and through my website, you can select and self-check prints, canvases, wraps, framed prints, mugs, refrigerator magnets and mouse pads, custom made with your images. All prints and merchandise is printed by Professional Photo Lab using high-quality Kodak photo paper and archival ink to ensure your memories will not fade, discolor or bend even after years of display. You also have an option of five photo finishes (matte, gloss, lustre, metallic) and various print sizes to select from, starting from wallet to 20x26” sizes.

No need to browse your images on your DVD disk, write down long list of filenames, print size and paper finish, emailing them to me, sending me your mailing address and checking on the order status. My website has online ecommerce store so you can order instantly at your convenience and leisure time.

12. Professional Equipment and Image Editing

Many other photographers use low quality and consumer grade cameras and lenses. These consumer cameras and lenses are cheaper than the high quality professional equipment I use. They are not capable of capturing the light, colors and details in the same way as top of the line professional equipment does.

Your memories will be captured with the latest and greatest professional equipment including full backup of everything: camera bodies, camera lenses, flashes, batteries, workstations. You can be sure, if anything fails during your wedding or event, I have the backup to bring in and continue to capture the moments so nothing would be missed. After the event your images are also safely stored on multiple storage arrays, so the chance to lose any is close to zero.

Simply put it, when you book me, you are guaranteed I would deliver.

Bottom Separator Line

I hope the above 12 commitments I make to my clients gave you the information you were looking for to make a decision. I also hope you would trust me to be your photographer. For me photography is not just snapping pictures, but connecting with my clients to understand their personality and capture the genuine moments in their lives. Thank you for considering Trifon Anguelov Photography for your photography needs.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your portrait or event session, feel free to contact me by phone: (650) 930-0743 or email me at:

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